Monday, October 28, 2013

Easy Wooden Peg Aeroplanes...

It is my role to run weekly craft at playgroup.  We hadn't made planes before so I trawled the net and found this fabulous idea from a website Fun Family Crafts.

 The planes are super simple to make.

What you need:
wooden peg, 3x icypole/popsicle sticks, paint, hot glue gun or wood glue

1. Paint wooden peg and sticks.  Let dry
2. Hot glue gun the icypole/popsicle sticks (as the bi-wings) to the front of the peg
3. Using old pair of scissors cut a 1/3 off the 3rd stick and glue as a tail wing to the other end of the peg
4. With the left over 1/3 of the stick from step 3, cut a 1cm off and glue this fin to the top of the tail    

Tom, 3, loved my prototype so much he had to make one himself. It zoomed around the house many times over and had to be reglued a few times. No Tom, the hot glue gun is a grown-up toy. I think this craft will be a hit at playgroup tomorrow!

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