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Knitted Christmas Stocking...

Knitted Christmas Stocking (UPDATED PATTERN!!!)

My grandmother, affectionately known as ‘Mim’s Grandma’, belonged to an organisation in Australia called the CWA (or Country Women’s Association) and was the ‘Queen’ of their craft committee. Needless to say that in this role she produced hundreds, if not thousands of craft items that were sold for charity fundraising or as gifts for those less fortunate. The Christmas Stockings were one item she made for these causes.
Mim’s Grandma began knitting these Christmas stockings in the 70s and she made some for her own use.  She filled her Christmas tree with them.  She even popped a Santa chocolate inside to delight the grandchildren. I still own several and sentimentally hang them on my tree each year.
Like Christmas baking recipes, Mim’s Grandma handed down her stocking pattern to my mother, who has passed it onto me. I am passing it onto you.

4mm knitting needles (US size 6). This is not stitched in the round so straight needles are fine. 
Yarns Used: Small quantities of 8ply/DK yarn are required for each stocking. I useD the white yarn to knit the cuff of each stocking.
This is where you can have fun! You can mix it up. The stockings look great in an array of colours. You do not even need to change the yarn for the cuff. I have seen them knitted up in all pink and they look just as cute.
Gauge: Not necessary
Other Notions:
3.5-5mm (US size E-G) crochet hook is used to make the hanging loop
Tapestry needle
Final Measurement: 
Length: 9cm (3 ½ inches)
Width: 4cm (1 ½ inches)
K           knit
P           purl
K2tog    knit two together
P2tog    purl two together
Cast on 23 stitches

Row 1-8 : knit

Row 9 (RS): K12, K2tog , then turn work (Yes do exactly was this says and turn your work around to the wrong side, so that you are now about to purl on the stitches you just knitted; there will be 11stitches remaining stitches on the needle that have not been worked on in this row. Don't worry about these 11 remaining stitches as you will work on them later)

Row 10: P4, P2tog, then turn work (total number of stitches on your needles are 21 stitches but in this row you only worked on 5 of them)
Row 11: K4, K2tog, then turn your work again (20 stitches)
Row 12- 13: Repeat the above rows (rows 10 and 11) once
Row 14: P4 P2tog, and continue purling to the end of the row of all your stitches (17 stitches)

You have now created a toe! 

You are now knitting again across all stitches
Row 15 - knit
Row 16 – purl

Rows 17- 26: repeat the above two rows (stocking stitch)
Change colour for the contrast cuff:
Rows: 27 – 34 – knit
Cast off all your stitches leaving a tail of at least 25cm long (10 inches). Pick up your crochet hook and chain stitch the tail 20 times to form the hanging loop. Thread your yarn through the last chain stitch to stop it unravelling.
Fold stocking in half right sides together. Using the tapestry needle, mattress stitch the foot and back of stocking until you reach the cuff.  Change to the cuff yarn and mattress stitch the raw edges of the cuff together.  Stitch the end of chain length to the top of the stocking to form a hanging loop.   Hang it on your Christmas tree or decorate part of your home with it.
You can even fill the stockings with a small chocolate in each!

I hope you enjoy this pattern... Jan x

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  1. How strange to see this post - I have knitted something very similar this week, in fact I've got 10 done for a stall at our local community centre that's coming up soon. They will be filled with sweetie treats for the children.

  2. A very cute knitted stocking. Thank you for the pattern!

  3. Wow, super cute!
    My mum left me a whole room stuffed with yarn (and cross stitch things). I keep telling myself I WILL do something with some of that I'm all talk though and no action.

  4. Hello I'm trying to make these cuties but stuck after 8 rows garter with 23 stitch the pattern says knit 13 tog then turn....what about the rest of stitches?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I know this is a year old now, but did you figure this out?? If you did, could you please share?

    3. The pattern is updated. Let me know on if you are still confused

  5. I love the shape of this stocking but I can't figure out how to pick up or how to incorporate the rest of the stitches after the 5 stitches of knit and purl to get to 17 stitches?? If you could please help with what I am missing would be greatly appreciated.

    1. What is your email Sandy? I will send you an updated stocking pattern

    2. I am sorry it isn’t clear to you. When The pattern says ‘turn’ then I ‘turn your work ‘ and continue backwards working on the middle stitches. Essentially you are working on the middle stitches of your needles for a few rows to make the toe shape Once you decrease to 17 stitches (from the K2 tog and P2 tog which reduces your stitches overall) then just finish working across the whole row again and incorporate the stitches you have been ignoring for a while.


      Thank you so much

    4. Hi Many thanks for this lovely pattern. Needed something to make for a 'secret santa' gift for a member of a Knit and Natter Group I attend and with some chocolates this will be ideal! Much appreciated. Now I must find some red wool! Best Wishes. Bev

  6. I will update with a clearer pattern next week. It seems like the word ‘ turn ‘ is confusing people. I hope the updated pattern is clearer

  7. Hi Jan, I am currently trying to knit this cute little stocking too, but I am confused as well. Is there an updated pattern or more detailed pattern to try. Would appreciate any help.

    1. The pattern is now updated. I hope it is clearer to you.

  8. Hi Jan, I finally figured it out this pattern from older pattern., just got to sew it up. Thank you, and thank you to your Nanna, CWA a great Aussie icon.