Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Knitted Christmas Stocking...

My Grandma, who was a crafty genius with the Country Women's Association, knitted hundreds of these stockings. I have many she has given me over the years to adorn my Christmas tree. As I put them on the branches I am reminded of her love and grateful for passing on her crafty genes to me.

My Mum and I have followed suit and knit them too.  They are cute, small gifts especially if a chocolate is poked in the top. I have knitted them for craft stalls.  In fact, I am knitting some in black and will embroider my daughter's dance school initials on them for a dancing school stall next week.

The stockings knit up in about 20 minutes and take about 15 minutes to sew up.

Here is the pattern:

Knitted Christmas Stocking
What you need:
Use 8 ply yarn (in chosen colour/s) and knit with Size 4mm needles. Crochet hook needle to make up.

Cast on 23 stitches.

Garter stitch (plain knit stitch) 8 rows.
Knit (K) 13, K2 together (tog) and turn.

Switch now to stocking stitch.
-Purl (P) 4, P2 tog, turn
-K4, K2 tog turn

Repeat the above two rows until you have 17 stitches.

Stocking stitch 12 rows.

Change yarn colour now if you desire a two-coloured stocking.
Garter stitch 6 rows.
Cast off leaving a long piece of yarn.
Using a crochet hook chain chain 20 to form the hanging loop.

Fold stocking in half right sides together. Mattress stitch the foot and back of stocking.  Sew the other length of chain to the top of the stocking to form a loop. Filling with chocolates is optional! Make in other colours. Green looks good too. 

Have you inherited a crafty gene? I would love to hear about who you might have inherited it from.

Thanks for playing in my garden...
                                              Jan x


  1. How strange to see this post - I have knitted something very similar this week, in fact I've got 10 done for a stall at our local community centre that's coming up soon. They will be filled with sweetie treats for the children.

  2. A very cute knitted stocking. Thank you for the pattern!

  3. Wow, super cute!
    My mum left me a whole room stuffed with yarn (and cross stitch things). I keep telling myself I WILL do something with some of that I'm all talk though and no action.

  4. Hello I'm trying to make these cuties but stuck after 8 rows garter with 23 stitch the pattern says knit 13 tog then turn....what about the rest of stitches?