Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crochet fun...

I have had some fun reinventing the past with some crochet.  It has been years since I have hooked.  I have started with this cute bloom necklace from a book I posted about here called Crochet with Flowers.

I love the look of crochet and really hope this time I can master it.  In past times I have felt my crochet has been uneven so let's hope I can work it out this time and deck out my house in crochet.

Do you crochet? If so, I would love to hear from you…
                                                                  Jan x


  1. Looks lovely Jan.
    I'm a beginner, hoping to learn more as the year goes on, we have a lady at our stitch club that joined recently and she makes the most magnificent things, I have asked if she will help me to learn more.

  2. Gorgeous! I like crochet, and it's 50+ years since I first picked up the crochet hook. My grandmother taught me. I learnt to stitch with fine thread, making doylies, and later moved on to working with wool. I've not done much crochet lately - just some pretty heart-shaped lavender sachets in 2014, but I have found myself recently collecting crochet patterns (or recipes, as my granny called them) so I think I may be taking up the hook again soon.